Thursday, September 6, 2012

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What has helped me grow spiritually is my children. 
They are so literal in their approach to The Bible. The Bible says Heal the sick, cleanse the leper - so that is what we should do. They are not pressured by religious spirits to conform, or squelch their zeal. 
They love everyone. For years my little one has been known to crawl up in the laps of homeless men and rush to hug gang leaders. In return, these tough hard men have melted and wept like babies.  Who knows, it might be the only hug they ever received.  At the very least it was the purest and the 1st one in many, many years. 
One time we encountered a man outside Barnes and Noble who had just gotten out of the ER and was still covered in blood from a gunshot wound. My son gave him a candy bar and a hug and then held the man for the longest time while he cried and cried. 
My other son, my oldest has stretched me this year as I have watched him battle with Type 1 Diabetes and numerous complications. He has suffered so much physically and mentally as his body has rebelled. He knows GOD heals, he himself has laid hands on people and they have been healed. He has gone through every emotion in the process from despair to anger to sorrow to grief. At one point, I am sure he fell away from The Lord. My heart screamed and we prayed and prayed. He knew the Lord could heal him, and he had to make the choice to follow HIM regardless whether HE healed him or not. 
He finally started worshiping the Lord again and right afterward a neighborhood kid gave him a bass guitar. Two weeks later the worship leader at church asked him to be on the worship team. He is only 14 years old, but he has wrestled with the angel and won. He played on stage this past Sunday and I wept and wept because I know how costly his praise is, and how beautiful and pure it must be to the Lord. 
One time 5 years ago, he snuck out of the house at night to leave a note on the next door neighbor's door. It told her how much JESUS loved her. We found out months later that it was the last thing she saw before she was arrested and she held it in her heart all the time she was in prison. 
All this to say, listen to your children. If you are in Walmart and they want to pray for someone - don't you stop them. They hear from the Holy Spirit. GOD is no respecter of persons, if my kids can hear, so can yours...
What has helped you grow Spiritually?
In His Mighty Name,
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