Saturday, November 24, 2012

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I am not sure what the spiritual seasons are... I know I am in a hard one. For a year, we were unable to go to church. Not experiencing corporate worship for a year was terrible. I did not feel the Presence of The Lord in/on my body for a whole year during the 1st part of these 2 years, and THAT was terrible. I would minister and people would be blessed, but I physically felt nothing.
The Lord has taught me to be Thankful for ALL things. I know HE has used this time and this season to GROW me, and for that I am thankful. I am not as easily moved as I was.

I miss the simplicity of when I first fell in love with JESUS. Everything was so new and hopeful. It is still Hopeful, but in a "we will still be okay somehow" kind of way. It is a Faith that is deeper and richer and truer.

FAITH, n. to persuade, to draw towards any thing, to conciliate; to
believe, to obey. (from Webster's 1828)

I am learning so much about Faith. When we first fall in love with Jesus, our Faith is like a new marriage in the natural. They are both all bright and shiny, albeit a little untested.

Then circumstances and life happens, and our Faith gets run over by a bus (sometimes a whole fleet of buses). We have to scrape it off the pavement and shake it off before we pick it up again and embrace it. And then we look at this deeper faith and we realize it is more beautiful than the shiny 1st faith we had before. Unfortunately some people walk away and leave their Faith flat in the middle of the road, when the greatest Blessings come from embracing a deeper, truer Faith. (This is perdition, or falling away: not continuing to follow JESUS.)

JESUS is so much more than we can Ask or Imagine. To walk in the fullness of what HE has for us, we have to be willing to Receive ALL that HE has for us: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

We receive all, we Thank Him for ALL, and then we release ALL back to Him.
This allows His anointing to be unhindered in us. I heard a sermon one time that "the worst thing for the Holy Spirit is for Him to be trapped in an unbelieving believer". Don't we need to believe that ALL things work for Good"? That includes this sickness, that divorce, this pain, that loss...

I receive, I bless, I thank and I release. Again and Again. All day long. All year long. A whole lifetime long. Still, when I am old and shriveled, I release. I exhale.

I bless and let go.
I give and I get.
I love and I set free all those around me.
May The Lord Bless you and yours, today and always,


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