Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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I got this story from the See You At The Pole website:
At an elementary school near Boston, a little girl was at her school's flagpole all by herself. After some time, her principal went out to where she was and asked her, "What are you doing?"
The girl replied, "I'm here for meet me at the pole."
"But there's no one else here, " the principal pointed out.
"Oh, no," the girl protested,
"I'm here to meet God."

This exemplifies what all the JEWISH Holidays (including Sabbath) are about also.  They are called "Moedim", or "appointed times".  Tomorrow, See You at the Pole happens to fall on Yom Kippur.  Yom Kippur is a solemn day of fasting, corporate prayer and repentance.  It is a day to deny ourselves, setting aside pleasure and entertainment.  For Christians, it is also a joyous day because we know that JESUS died for our sins...  It is like a date with GOD, HE is waiting for us...  Will you come?

Whether you come with us to the Pole or not, come to The Cross, repent for your sins (both known and unknown), and repent for your country.  Pray for the elections, pray for the PEACE of Israel and pray for our children that GOD will Strengthen them now for what they will have to walk through.  Pray that, even tomorrow, the JEWs will see and receive JESUS as their Yom Kippur atonement...

GOD has promised to be there, will you?


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