Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Matzah "Pizza" with shaved asparagus
Matzah with cream cheese and strawberry jam
Matzah with hamburgers (and mayo, avocado, and tomatoes)
Matzah with beef hot dogs (and mayo, avocado, and sauteed onions)
Matzo Ball Soup!!!
Matzah Chicken Sandwich
Matzah with peanut butter and jelly
Walnut cakes with 12 eggs!!  (not in the little cake pans next time because they stick!!)
Matzah with Burger Joe (Asian Sloppy Joes) - yummy!!!
Matzah with cream cheese and crispy garlic and sea salt...  like an everything bagel but better!!
and last but definitely not least..........
Matzah with Nutella and sea salt - not pretty, but AMAZING............. Definitely not just for once a year!!

For next year, I want to try...
Matzah lasagna
Matzah toffee bark

Last year's chocolate matzah torte was yummy...
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